Our Dental Patient Reviews

t1 Genell D.“The staff at Conyers Denture and Implant Center really put you at ease. I was so nervous that I felt like I wanted to die. After Dr. Fraser came in and talk to me about my options I felt much better. It wasn’t until after everything was completed that I was a true believer…”
t8 David W.“I searched high and low for an affordable, quality implant center. I felt truly blessed in finding Conyers Denture and Implant Center.”
t5 Mary S.“Losing my teeth made me depressed. When Dr. Fraser told me he could restore my dentition to look natural and feel natural with dental implants, I was skeptical. Now that I can eat anything I want I am grateful for regaining the confidence to go out and enjoy meals.”
t2 Wanda B.“I have never received better customer service and dental care.”
t3 Judith D.“I’ve had a 30 year fear of the dentist. Now that I have seen the folks at Conyers Denture and Implant Center I can at least say I will go to the dentist…”
t6 Cora C.“I have worn loose dentures for 30 years. Dr. Fraser placed several implants and now they are stable enough for me to eat carrots, corn and steaks. Life is good again.”
t7 Nicky R.“I would recommend Conyers Denture and Implant Center to anyone even thinking about implants or dentures.”
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