Offering the Best Restorative Dental Services at the Best Price Since 1979

Implants and Overdentures

Starting at $900

We provide dental implants for one or multiple missing teeth, or attached to dentures. We enjoy helping patients find new smiles, alleviate any discomfort and improve their ability to chew food.

Dentures and Denture Repairs

Starting at $500

We provide denture and partial adjustments, full or partial dentures, and with our on-site dental lab, one-hour repairs are often possible. We are open most Saturdays and walk-ins are welcome.

Periodontal Treatments

In many cases, our treatments can prevent further tissue destruction. Depending on the stage of gum disease, treatments range from a thorough cleaning to periodontal surgery.

Our Dental Patient Reviews

Chanel A.

My mother went here for new dentures about 8 weeks ago after having her previous set for over 30 years. It took quite a few visits to get her adjustment right, but Dr. Fraser was determined to make sure she was satisfied and no longer in pain. They look great and more importantly she feels great! Thank you!!!

Kim C.

I thoroughly enjoyed my First visit to Dr. Fraser office, my experience was awesome the staff was excellent. Dr Fraser, was outstanding surely a Dentist that i would definitely recommend. Very down to earth and real, certainly we need more trust worthy Dentists like (Dr Fraser). So pay a visit.

Patty W.

I only have had my first visit, im due to go in for extractions tomorrow. Mr Fraser was awesome and so was Jennifer and all the other staff.


I visited this place about five years ago to have an implant bridge done. Dr. Fraser did an awesome job restoring my dental health prior to but the office manager he had back then was very rude and unprofessional. I was quoted a different price by her for the same procedure ever time I went in. Long story short, I had the job done anyway. I was very unhappy with the implant job but did not disclose my displeasure, I just didn’t go back. I recently contacted Dr. Fraser and made him aware of my unhappiness with the original job and he, for a very small fee, made a whole new implant bridge to my satisfaction. I was happy he took the opportunity to make things right and I am now very happy with his services and his attentive staff.