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Why Dental Implant Infections Happen

Many people around the nation with missing teeth are choosing dental implants as their method of tooth replacement. The dental implant process is a safe, effective way to restore the look and function of the mouth. However, there are times when a dental implant infection may threaten the health of the dental implant site.

Dental implant infections, known as peri-implantitis, occur when bacteria build up in the spaces between dental implants and the surrounding gum tissues. Without intervention, the bacteria may continue to breed and destroy gums and bone.

Without proper treatmeIf You Have Peri-Implantitis, Please Call Our Dental Specialists At (770) 483-4469.

We’re located in Conyers, GA and serve patients all throughout Metro Atlanta. Our receptionist will set you up with an appointment to see Dr. Gordon Fraser, our dental specialist and leader in laser dentistry to treat peri-implantitis and periodontal disease.

How to Know if You Have Peri-Implantitis

If you have one or more dental implants, be on the lookout for these indicators of peri-implantitis:

  • The gum tissue around the dental implant is swollen.
  • Pus is coming from the gums around your dental implant.
  • The gum tissue around your dental implant is red and/or bleeding.
  • The gum tissue around the dental implant is starting to recede, exposing more of the implant structure.

Never ignore these signs and symptoms, as rapid treatment of peri-implantitis is essential to prevent the breakdown and loss of bone, as well as the need for other dental surgeries. Contact us if you recognize any of these signs and symptoms in yourself or a loved one.

The LAPIP™ Protocol Uses Lasers for Dental Implant Infection Treatment

Our dental specialists trust the LAPIP™ protocol for dental implant infection treatment in patients who are candidates for this conservative method of reducing harmful bacteria from around an inflamed implant area. The LAPIP™ protocol utilizes the PerioLase® MVP-7™ from Millennium Dental Technologies, a handheld laser that selectively destroys bacteria and removes necropsied gum tissues.

Dr. Fraser, an authority on laser dentistry, has received extensive training on the PerioLase® MVP-7™, and is certified to teach the LAPIP™ protocol, as well as its sister treatment for periodontitis, the LANAP® protocol.


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If you’re in the Atlanta area, get diagnosis and treatment for your dental implant infection, known as peri-implantitis. Call us at 770-483-4469 to schedule an exam with Dr. Gordon Fraser.

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